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Alexis ebert 

Alexis Ebert is an American country singer/songwriter born in the

Oregon farm country, who at the young age of 12 years old, moved to

Nashville, Tennessee.

Alexis began singing professionally at the age of 6, opening for

superstar entertainer Tanya Tucker at the Oregon Jamboree. The

spunky young country singer was such a hit at that first professional

show, it secured her opening spots for other major artists such as Keith Urban, Miranda Lambert, Reba McEntire, Sugarland, Trace Adkins, and many more.  Knowing early on that this was her destiny in life, Alexis convinced her mother to pack the car and allow her to pursue her dream of being a country star in Nashville...and off they went.

President Tom Whalley at Warner Bros. Records-Los Angeles and VP Jeff Aldrich had seen Alexis perform and made the introduction to the new VP at Warner Bros. Nashville, Paul Worley.  Upon one meeting, the deal was on the table.  The 12 year old signed her Warner Bros. record deal...signed a major publishing deal...and then recorded an album with the multiple Grammy Award winning producer Worley and Kyle Lehning.  Alexis co- wrote all of the 12 songs on the project. Somehow during the making of the record, Alexis even fit in a six month tour in the Branson. Missouri show Country Tonight, singing, acting and dancing 2 shows a day...six days a week.  Alexis feels this was an extraordinary country artist’s “bootcamp” that taught her how to not only sing her songs for audiences, but to truly entertain her audiences as well.

Then barely 14...and just before the record release date, Alexis landed one of the songs in the hit Lindsay Lohan Disney movie Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen and the soundtrack that sold over 650,000 copies.  But, as fate would have it, a new president of Warner Bros. Nashville stepped in and, insisting that “teens will never work in country music”, dropped the young singer from the label just days before her first single was to be released.  It’s never an easy thing for an adult to experience the high high’s and the extreme low’s of landing and then losing a record deal in Nashville...much less a 14 year old. But, with true grit and determination, Alexis stayed in Nashville, kept writing and honing her craft and herself as an artist, and NEVER GAVE UP ON HER DREAM.

Just a short time after, Alexis signed a staff writing deal with Sony ATV Publishing, further developing her writing skills.  She also began developing her acting skills, landing a role in the 2014 film, Like A Country Song, starring Billy Ray Cyrus.  Four of her songs were also placed on the soundtrack.  

Currently, Alexis has just signed with manager Tammy Hyler at Smashville Entertainment and is signing a new exciting co-venture publishing deal with 2 of the most successful independent publishing companies in Nashville: Wrensong Music Publishing and Rezonant Music Publishing.

All good things to come for this young artist, who even with a few major speed bumps, never lost sight of her dream. 

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